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Welcome to the Del Mar Heights Library & Media Center!
Students at the Del Mar Heights love to use the Media Center. They know that our Library Media Center offers more than just an amazing collection of books.
  • Our Media Center is a place where information is discovered, created, and shared in a respectful, collaborative learning environment.
  • We offer a warm, inviting atmosphere.
  • Students can find appropriate information tailored to their age and ability.
  • It is a safe, supervised venue to conduct Internet research.
  • They can use their own devices and/or use school computing resources to take tests, watch educational videos and read.
  • We value and encourage student input with regards to available literature.
 Our Media Center is a space that all are welcome to use whenever it is open.
We believe that if the classroom is the heart of education, then the Media Center is its soul.
History of the Harry Ebeling Library at Del Mar Heights School 
Our Library/Media Center is named after the first principal, Harry Ebeling.  He was principal of the Del Mar Heights School from 1968 to 1987.
Volunteers are always needed! Please email our Library tech Heidi Eckstein at to sign up.